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2015 Key Findings



Each year, the Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE) presents the results of its annual survey. These survey results help community colleges assess their educational practices so they can improve student outcomes in one of the most challenging and least understood sectors of American higher education.

To assist colleges in their efforts to reach for excellence, SENSE has introduced national benchmarks of Effective Practice with Entering Students in community colleges. Research shows that the more actively engaged students are—with college faculty and staff, with other students, and with the subject matter—the more likely they are to learn and to achieve their academic goals. SENSE benchmarks focus on institutional practices and student behaviors that promote student engagement early in the college experience—and that are positively related to student learning and persistence.

The six benchmarks are: early connections, high expectations and aspirations, clear academic plan and pathway, effective track to college readiness, engaged learning, and academic and social support network.

Policy Statement on Responsible Uses of SENSE Data

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