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The Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE), a product and service of the Center for Community College Student Engagement, helps community colleges discover why some entering students persist and succeed and others do not.

Administered during the 4th and 5th weeks of the fall academic term, SENSE asks students to reflect on their earliest experiences (academic and services-related) with the college. SENSE serves as a complementary piece to the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE), with a more narrowed focus on early student experiences.

Data Use Policy

In accessing the Center database and using Center data search tools, the user agrees not to use results for the purpose of ranking community and technical colleges. View the full data use policy.

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Registration Now Open for SENSE 2019

Registration for the 2019 Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE) is currently underway. SENSE results can help colleges understand students’ critical early experiences and improve institutional practices that affect student success in the first college year.

All SENSE 2019 participating colleges not administering two fee-based special-focus modules will receive a special-focus module on The Working Learner and a special-focus module on Early Self-Reported Outcomes free of charge. Colleges administering one fee-based module will receive The Working Learner module free of charge.

For more information, please contact info@cccse.org.


SENSE 2017 Results Released

The Center is pleased to announce that the results from the 2017 administration of the Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE) are now available through the online reporting system. The online reporting system allows member colleges to view results through standard reports as well as through a custom report request platform. Please contact the Center at surveyops@cccse.org with any questions.


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