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Show Me the Way: The Power of Advising in Community Colleges

With survey findings collected from over 130,000 community college students across more than 200 institutions, Show Me the Way: The Power of Advising in Community Colleges confirms that students who receive more advising—more time with advisors and more in-depth discussions in their sessions—are more engaged.

Executive Director Evelyn Waiwaiole and Center staff facilitated a webinar on Show Me the Way on Tuesday, February 27. You can view a recording of the webinar here.


Focus Group Guides
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The Center would like to recognize the support of The Kresge Foundation for generously funding focus groups about advising at three colleges, allowing us to hear directly from students and advisors about this essential service.

The Kresge Foundation


Select Video Clips

A student describes academic difficulties she thinks she could have avoided if she had seen an advisor.

A student describes the positive benefits of working with an advisor.

A student athlete describes the expectations his coach sets for him and his teammates.

A student describes the importance of making a personal connection with an advisor.

An advisor describes the journey that she takes with the students she advises.

An advisor describes the different platforms he uses to work with students.

An advisor describes the content that she covers in the first session with a student.

An advisor describes how she tracks students’ progress.

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