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Here's what students have to say about Support for Learners...

"When I went up to register they didn't [tell me about financial aid options]. I just came in and said I needed to sign up for classes and they said, 'Okay.' They never asked if I needed financial aid. They basically just told me, 'Here's how much you gotta pay.'"

"At the financial aid booth, they kind of give you an overview of it, but they don't, for the most part, sit down with you on a one-on-one basis and go over everything you need for it. They don't tell you what you're giving them [or] why you're doing it."

"They give a lot of help at this college, like tutoring for math, writing, anything you need. And they put flyers and stuff everywhere. I think that's a strength they have. They help you out and they kinda show that they care to help you pass."

"I feel pretty connected and comfortable here. I have a lot of time between classes, and I spend a lot of time in the student center and I'm getting to know people. I feel like I belong."

"Teachers tell you they have the tutoring center but it kinda seems like they're brushing you off. If you're struggling on top of going to tutoring, teachers aren't like, 'Okay, here's some extra stuff you can work on, maybe get the hang of it,' or anything like that."

"Right now it feels like I'm on a tightrope with a big pole and I'm balancing it and a small gust of wind could blow me over. Like I was sick a couple of days ago. You miss work, then you're out of school for two days, and it throws your whole world out of whack. It's pretty hard."

"I usually come up here after work and use the computers to do some course work. I'm very happy that the learning lab doesn't close until 9:30pm so I have another hour or two to hang out up there after work to do homework."

"You don't just go to class and go home at this college. There's a student center which is full half of the time so students are involved and meeting new people."

"The Strategies for Success teacher sat down with each individual student between the first and second week of school. We had to make an appointment with her. She sat down with us to make our goals for our first year of college. She gave it to our advisor and then our advisor sat down with us and went over the goals and she kind of made sure that this is what you wanted and not what your parents wanted or that you're just doing it because your friend wanted it. You need to make sure it's for you."

"I think the amount of support this college provides is useful. I don't think it's too much because they don't allow it to get to too much. They draw a line between doing it for you and helping you to get it done."

"Everybody in that [student success course] really networked. I still see those people and we talk. It's like this ground floor, everybody's got to do it and we're in the same boat. It's kind of like freshman year elsewhere; these are your buddies who you'll be tight with. It kind of keeps you in the community sort of."

"The counselors don't really help you decide your major... People are always stressing to us that we need to choose a major, but they don't really help us with it."

"When my advisor saw my first semester grades, yeah, she called me. She told me I was too smart to be messing up the way I was."

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What is Support for Learners?

Students perform better and are more satisfied at colleges that are committed to their success and cultivate positive working and social relationships among different groups on campus. Community college students also benefit from services targeted to assist them with academic and career planning, academic skill development, and other areas that may affect learning and retention.

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