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SENSE Benchmarks: Engaged Learning student

Here's what students have to say about Engaged Learning...

"I really get into classes that have teachers who encourage discussion. It really doesn't matter what class it is. Classes that really engage, talking to the person who's next to you."

"When class is good, you're always wanting to pay attention, you're wanting to get there you don't miss anything. When you get there early you're actually able to converse with the other end up making more friends. You end up actually paying attention more in class. You're more interactive with the class instead of just sitting in the back going, 'Don't call on me.'"

"I feel like I can ask questions. She told us in the beginning, 'Don't think...people are gonna think you're stupid if you don't understand something. Ask me the question.' ...She said, 'I know that there's gonna be other people in here that wanna ask the same question.' So, that made me feel a lot more comfortable when she said that. And actually a lot of the class...asks questions. So they're comfortable too, and that helps other people be more comfortable."

"He gave us a riddle and put us in groups and group discussion brings us a little bit closer together as a class. We all clicked right away. We have a group discussion and people aren't afraid to open up, and you know, that's great."

"She's a real nice lady, good teacher, but all that talking, it gets so boring after a while. And you know, it sucks because I don't want to get tired, I want to listen, but I work late and it's not very lively."

"Thankfully A&P [Anatomy and Physiology] has an SI, it's a student instructor...and you get together once a week, twice a week sometimes, and you go over the material that's been discussed in class. I got to meet a lot of great people doing that, and we formed our own study group on top of that one, just to help us out a little bit more. It has really saved me big time having this SI."

"She asks after every question if you understand. Nobody says anything. I see a bunch of confused looks on everybody else's faces and nobody says they have a problem 'cause they're kinda afraid to ask."

"If my instructor sees somebody's not getting it, people got that puzzled look on their face like, 'Man I lost you a little while ago,' he'll go back to that person, back track, and say it in a completely different way for somebody else because everybody interprets things differently."

"They're pretty big about tutoring. I've gone in there a couple times and they really do help you a lot. You can just show up and kind of just do your thing there and sometimes somebody will just drop by and see what you're doing. Yeah, they were good."

"I have one instructor who uses Facebook and she writes on there, 'Today we're gonna be in this room,' or 'We're gonna do this today,' and then the motto of the day. She likes Shakespeare a lot so she puts quotes of him, stuff like that, and then she'll ask us, 'What was on Facebook today?'"

"I went one time for tutoring and they were real easy-going. They didn't look down on me that I needed help. So I was like, hey, it probably would be a good thing for me to keep going."

"My chemistry teacher, she's aware. She can notice where she went wrong in her lecture, go back, and ask the people that she sees are puzzled. She won't even take no for an answer; she'll demand interaction with the people that are not getting."

"It's easier said than done to ask for help. I never bit the bullet. For me, maybe I was just worried about my image. I don't know. I just never did. I needed help but never wanted to go that extra step and ask for help. I kind of just let my grade slip away."

"You want to learn when you're having fun."

"My teacher keeps us involved. It's not you're just sitting there. She actually interacts with you. It gets you thinking in different ways and of ways to do different things and it's fun."

"There's online discussion boards for every class. Everybody has everybody's e-mail. You can see when everybody's online from your class."

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What is Engaged Learning?

Instructional approaches that foster engaged learning are critical for student success. Because most community college students attend college part-time, and most also must find ways to balance their studies with work and family responsibilities, the most effective learning experiences will be those the college intentionally designs.

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