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Here's what students have to say about Effective Track to College Readiness...

"I failed the placement test because I've been out of school so long. I went to school for a week or so, retook the Compass, and...I passed. I tested out of remedial but since I'm in financial aid, I can't get out of my developmental class. But all I needed was that one week of school to get 50 more points on the Compass test."

"I like it a lot. It's really useful. They teach you how to take good notes, how to study, how to manage your time, just everything that you need to know to be successful in college. It's a really cool class; I enjoy it."

"I had to start off with a class called Developmental Skill Building and it helps me a lot with coming up with different strategies. I think it would help all the students to take that class. It gives you different ways to study, it shows you how to focus on what's important, and tries to keep you on track."

"I think if I would have taken my student success course last year when I first started, I think it would have helped me to develop better skills so I could have passed. I ended up failing remedial math last year. This year I'm learning through my student success course how to study and everything; now I'm making all A's and B's."

"I haven't taken math yet. They didn't bring it up. When I talked to my advisor, she didn't tell me, 'What about your math?' I guess they weren't worried about it."

"This semester I'm taking a Learning Frameworks. I wish I would have taken it my first semester because it does teach you how to be organized, how to study, what you really need to do to get through college. It helps."

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What is Effective Track to College Readiness?

Nationally, more than six in 10 entering community college students are underprepared for college-level work. Thus, significant improvements in student success will hinge upon effective assessment, placement of students into appropriate courses, and implementation of effective strategies to ensure that students build academic skills and receive needed support.

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