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Here's what students have to say about Active and Collaborative Learning...

"I like the instructors, the genuine concern that they have for the students. She has us team up, check on each other, make sure we're getting our notes, working together like a family. So you're not lost in a big crowd. You're not just a number."

"All of my classes are learn labs and I think that makes it a lot better because it's so interactive. You get to discuss things in a small group. It does help to increase participation in the class. You don't have to say it in front of the whole class; you say it in front of your little group. The teacher's so enthusiastic about the material and it does make it more exciting and interesting to be there learning from them."

"It's just hard to stay focused and stay awake when all they do is just lecture and lecture. I know they're trying to teach us but they should do something to catch our attention sometimes."

"My class, there's no time to talk. There's no interacting with anybody because it's class time. My instructor lectures the whole time. He knows what he's talking about but it's just hard to interact in that class and to grasp the concept of what he's talking about 'cause you're so bored. All we do is go through slides."

"The process of interacting with the teacher. It's not about someone just coming and trying to teach you everything. You know something, the teacher also knows something, so you exchange. That process makes you get involved and it makes you feel better because you tell yourself, 'Wow. I know something.'"

"She's broken the class up into groups. So everybody's going to work on this group project. I just like the idea of being broken into groups and even being forced to do stuff with your classmates... Bonds are made."

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What is Active and Collaborative Learning?

Students learn more when they are actively involved in their education and have opportunities to think about and apply what they are learning in different settings. Through collaborating with others to solve problems or master challenging content, students develop valuable skills that prepare them to deal with the kinds of situations and problems they will encounter in the workplace, the community, and their personal lives.

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