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"That was one of our grades for one of my classes, to set up an e-mail and then send the instructor an e-mail. So that was a free hundred if you did that, so that's why I did it."

"I've already met tons of people in the student center. It's real easy to meet people in college 'cause of things like that. If they didn't have things like that you would just go home and you'd never see anybody."

"I actually liked [orientation]. It gave me the opportunity to already meet new people 'cause that was also one of the things I was worried about was I didn't know anyone here. I actually already made new friends."

"I don't know most of the people's names in my classes. It's hard to learn people's names. Not all my [instructors] address me by my name. I would like it if I were able to meet people in a better way, like a homeroom class even, is something I felt I wanted."

"I don't even know my teachers' names to tell you the truth. I honestly don't know my teachers' names. Teachers that know my name? I doubt it."

"One of our first assignments was to bring three items in a bag that represent who you are, and I think that was pretty neat that everybody got up and showed a lot of pictures of their families, what they like to do, their hobbies, soccer balls, and stuff like that. It just got everybody to know just a tad bit about the next person... I think if we didn't do that I probably wouldn't have talked to as many of the students...I'm kind of shy at times so that broke the ice, and I was able to go and ask for help with my next door neighbor. I think that was really neat."

"A lot of professors, they emphasize the tutoring center, 'Go there. It's help.' So, you just gotta swallow your pride, bite the bullet, and go."

"There's not a lot of stuff that goes on here. You can either go to the library or cafeteria between classes, but other than that, there is nothing to do."

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What is Academic and Social Support Network?

Students benefit from having a personal network that enables them to obtain information about college services, along with the academic and social support critical to student success. Because entering students often don't know what they don't know, colleges must purposefully create those networks.

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