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"My teachers will even go so far as to challenge you to do better on the next test. I got a 95 on one test and he said, 'That's all? You can't get 100?'"

"In chemistry, my instructor digs down into the details and he's a rigorous teacher. I like to be prepared, I like to work hard. We have a quiz one week and we have a test the next week, so we've always got something to do; he's always testing us. Since it's a smaller class we can always ask him something... I thank [him] for being a rigorous teacher because that helps when I go on."

"I like my history class. My instructor will tell us about the event we need to be learning about and he'll relate it to something that he's experienced or something that's currently going on so we can understand it better. So it's actually pretty interesting."

"I've been having a really good experience. I like the challenge. I wasn't a very good student before, and I feel like I'm being forced to become one. Like in high school I didn't need to try so hard, and I feel like college is making me a better person all around, and I like the changes that this is bringing out in me."

"We have an exam or a quiz every single class. I think it is helpful. It kind of evaluates where you're at and if you really know the material. If not, you're like, 'Oh man, I need to look at this a little more.'"

"My instructor makes me think hard... I learn a lot. He keeps me thinking and actually it helps me a lot. When we do our homework, actually writing essays and stuff, everything comes out easy because he helps us to think critically and stuff, so it's very beneficial to me."

"My teachers know when you study. All my classes are really interactive so they expect you to answer questions. They pick on you when they know you haven't studied."

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What is Academic Challenge?

Challenging intellectual and creative work is central to student learning and collegiate quality. Ten CCSSE survey items address the nature and amount of assigned academic work, the complexity of cognitive tasks presented to students, and the standards faculty members use to evaluate student performance.

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