Tools Developed for the High-Impact Practices Initiative

As colleges continue to advance their student success agendas, the Center has provided tools to assist in this effort. All of the resources below were created as part of the High-Impact Practices Initiative, through generous funding from Bill & Melinda Gates and Lumina Foundations.

Community College Institutional Survey (CCIS)


The Community College Institutional Survey (CCIS), the Center's newest instrument, was developed to complement the Center's ongoing national work on identifying and promoting high-impact educational practices in community colleges. CCIS, which is available to all colleges free of charge, is a tool that allows colleges to systematically gather data about key promising practices, the target student populations of those practices, and the scale at which the practices are currently implemented.

The Center's work on promising practices—through the collection and analysis of special-focus item data on the CCSSE and SENSE surveys, as well as faculty responses on the CCFSSE—has produced information of significant value for community colleges: empirical confirmation of high-impact educational practices in community colleges and quantification of the extent to which those practices are part of the current experience of students. Ongoing analysis will provide new evidence of how student participation in these practices is related to overall student engagement, academic progress, and college completion. The CCIS has and will continue to contribute highly valuable information about the institutional context for these practices. The exercise of completing the survey will not only provide knowledge about institutional programs and practices, but also further constructive conversations with leadership teams about current student success initiatives.

CCIS is a dynamic online instrument; however, a modified PDF version is available for download and printing.

2012 — Present CCIS (PDF)


To access CCIS and complete the online survey you will need an access code. If you do not know your access code, please contact Center staff at 512-232-6458 or request your access code by emailing

Once you receive a unique access code, your institution can complete the online survey.

If you have any questions while completing the survey, please review the Frequently Asked Questions on CCIS. If you still have questions after reviewing the FAQs and wish to speak to someone, please contact Center staff at or 512-232-6458.


CCIS_DiscussionGuide The CCIS Discussion Guide is a companion to the survey and is intended to serve as a tool for strategic, data-informed conversations on community college campuses to assess current student success programs and policies. Armed with this knowledge, community college leaders, faculty, and staff can consider the most effective ways to heighten the quality of educational experiences for larger numbers of students.



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