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Community College Institutional Survey

Thank you for accessing the Community College Institutional Survey (CCIS). We appreciate your taking time to respond to items regarding promising practices and student engagement at your college.

Note to multi-college districts:  Please ensure colleges in each district participate individually, so that data can be provided for each college. If access codes have been misplaced, you may easily obtain additional access codes for each college in the district by contacting or 512-232-6458.

Note to multi-campus colleges:  If data on survey results are desired for each campus in a multi-campus college, then please ensure that the appropriate leader at each campus receives a unique access code for the campus, so that data can be provided for each campus. If necessary, you may easily obtain additional campus access codes by contacting or 512-232-6458.


Your responses will be saved each time you move to a new page. If you need to exit the survey before completing all of the items, click on the "Exit" button, and all responses entered will be saved for future completion.

View a printable copy of the survey for reference. However, the survey should be completed online. We encourage you to involve as many people at your college as necessary to gather the most accurate information. Many colleges have reported to us that the survey has acted as a catalyst for important conversations about their operations and missions. We hope that you find the same.

There are three parts to the survey:

  • 1. First, we will ask about any structured group learning experiences (SGLEs) for students at your college;
  • 2. Second, we will ask about what components and/or curriculum content go into these SGLEs; and
  • 3. Third, we will ask about various placement and support practices for students at your college.

If you have any questions while completing the survey, please review the Frequently Asked Questions on CCIS. If you still have questions after reviewing the FAQ and wish to speak to someone, please contact Zach Garcia at or 512-232-6458.

You may also obtain a report of the college's existing CCIS responses.

Please log into the survey using the access code provided by the Center.

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Thank you for your participation. We greatly appreciate your commitment to completing the survey.

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