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CCSSE Annotated Bibliography

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Did you begin college at this college or elsewhere? Started here Started elsewhere
Thinking about this current academic term, how would you characterize your enrollment at this college? Full-time Less than full-time
Have you taken this survey in another class this term? Yes No
In your experience at this college during the current school year, about how often have you done each of the following?
a. Asked questions in class or contributed to class discussions
b. Made a class presentations
c. Prepared two or more drafts of a paper or assignment before turning it in
d. Worked on a paper or project that required integrating ideas or information from various sources
e. Come to class without completing readings or assignments
f. Worked with other students on projects during class
g. Worked with classmates outside of class to prepare class assignments
h. Tutored or taught other students (paid or voluntary)
i. Participated in a community-based project as a part of a regular course
j. Used the internet or instant messaging to work on an assignment
k. Used e-mail to communicate with an instructor
l. Discussed grades or assignments with an instructor
m. Talked about career plans with an instructor or advisor
n. Discussed ideas from your readings or classes with instructors outside of class
o. Received prompt feedback (written or oral) from instructors on your performance
p. Worked harder than you thought you could to meet an instructor's standards or expectations
q. Worked with instructors on activities other than coursework
r. Discussed ideas from your readings or classes with others outside of class (students, family members, co-workers, etc.)
s. Had serious conversations with students of a different race or ethnicity other than your own
t. Had serious conversations with students who differ from you in terms of their religious beliefs, political opinions, or personal values
u. Skipped Class
During the current school year, to what extent has your coursework at this college emphasized the following mental activities?
a. Memorizing facts, ideas, or methods from your courses and readings so you can repeat them in pretty much the same form
b. Analyzing the basic elements of an idea, experience, or theory
c. Synthesizing and organizing ideas, information, or experiences in new ways
d. Making judgments about the value or soundness of information, arguments, or methods
e. Applying theories or concepts to practical problems or in new situations
f. Using information you have read or heard to perform a new skill
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